Data Analysis Competition (DAC)

Data Analysis Competition, also known as DAC, is an annual competition of data analysis for diploma and undergraduate students from universities in the Southeast Asia area. In the year 2019, the theme of this competition will be “Statistics as Tools for Analyzing The Internet of Things in Industrial Revolution 4.0”. The purpose of this theme is to increase the ability of college students in analyzing data, so that the results of the analysis could be applied in real life, especially to cope with a new era of technology, which is Industrial Revolution 4.0. The participants will compete in teams of two and there will be three rounds in this competition, which is the elimination round, semifinal round, and the grand final round. The Semifinal round will consist of 30 teams that qualify from the elimination round. After that, the best five teams will be selected to compete in the Grand Final and win the ultimate prize.

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January 16th - February 23rd, 2019


February 27th – March 8th, 2019

Elimination Round


March 30th, 2019

Semifinalists Announcement

April 12th, 2019

Opening (in Surabaya)


April 13th, 2019

Semifinal Round

April 14th, 2019

Final Round



Total Prize IDR 25 Million or USD 1780

Trophy from Governor of East Java and Mayor of Surabaya


  1. Participants are in a team consisting of exactly two people from the same university in the Southeast Asia
  2. Participants are diploma and/or undergraduate students from university in Southeast Asia
  3. The participants will compete in the event, if they already pay for the account activation fee
  4. The participants who qualifies to the semifinal round cannot be replaced, and must be the same as the one who is registered
  5. The participants who qualifies to the semifinal round must pay the registration fee
  1. Account activation fee: IDR 35.000 or USD 2.5
  2. Total registration fee (for semifinalists, including account activation fee): IDR 1.300.000 atau USD 92.5
  3. Each team pays with IDR or USD to: BNI with Account Number 8257715070120003 a.n Kegiatan Data Analysis Competition, swift code BNI: BNINIDJAXXX
  1. Participants should fill the registration form in ( Then the participants will get the registration number or ID number to login. Next, the participants will pay for the activation ID to access the questions for the elimination round and could be able to download it. If the participants qualify to the semifinal round, they will make a remaining payment which can be done through: BNI with Account Number 8257715070120003 a.n Kegiatan Data Analysis Competition, swift code BNI: BNINIDJASBY
  2. Send these 2 payments confirmation at (
  1. E-certificate (All participants)
  2. Gala Dinner, Talk Show (Seminary), Accomodation in Surabaya, Surabaya Sightseeing, DAC polo shirt (for Semifinalists)