Pekan Raya Statistika
ITS 2018

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Every year Pekan Raya Statistika (PRS) presents various series of exciting and very interesting events. In the 8th PRS, this event has 2 sub events namely Statistics Competition (STATION) and Data Analysis Competition (DAC). So what are you waiting for? Immediately register yourself and be part of PRS 2018!


Pekan Raya Statistika (PRS)

Young generation has responsibility to lead Indonesian Peoples in the future. So, good quality of human resources is really necessary not only in formal education but also non formal education. The balanced between the formal and non formal education will produce young generation that not only smart but also professional, also produce young generation that love the motherland and their own nation, and could compete in national sector or even international sector. One of the objectives of Pekan Raya Statistika 2018 is to introduce the Department of Statistics ITS and statistics in more depth to the public. In addition, this event also became one of the efforts to create the quality of intellectual youth generation of dignity and love of the homeland through the field of statistics, considering the science of Statistics is one of science that touches many joints of life. Through this program, it is expected that all parties involved can know and apply Statistics directly so that it can benefit many people around it. Thus it is expected that this event can form a young generation who realize that Statistics is one of the important branches of science to be explored.

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